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The founder of the brand is Berezhneva Christina.
It's a talented designer from 12 years creates dresses, which are distinguished by their elegant lines, feminine silhouette and charm.




    · The experience of creating women's clothing is
    more than 15 years.

    · She created more than 8 collections of women's clothing Pret-a-Porter de Lux & Couture

    ·  Christina took the 1-st place among 100 candidates in the international competition of designers with her collection "Real Fantasy"

    ·She is the star of a reality show on TNT "How to earn first million", and in two months she built the business from scratch with an income of 500,000 rubles per month

    · She presented the collection "Real Fantasy" to the American audience on the Fashion week in Las Vegas, NYFW in New York and MFW in Moscow



Why girls buy dresses from ChrisBer'Y

    A dress sits right on the figure, accentuating its main advantages


    You attract men's views


    These dresses have an original design, interesting ideas, quality


    Wherever you went, you attract men's views


    In the dress from ChrisBer'Y you stand out and look individually


    We use only the highest quality fabrics

Dresses from ChrisBer'Y - it's the best present for your ladylove!

Your Girl with the most beautiful dress!
Purchase thecertificate certificate for a buying or an individual tailoring of a dress!

the certificate on 350$



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    Breast grasp - we measure a body grasp on the acting points of a breast

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    Waist grasp - we measure a waist circle, not too tightening centimeter

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    Grasp of hips - wrap up centimeter round the most acting part of hips

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